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We are proud to be a family owned business serving the agricultural community since 1966.

Most seed companies breed and select for the Corn Belt to find the products that perform best in that region. Your needs as an Eastern United States farmer vary as much as the soils that you farm. That’s why at Chemgro Seeds we invest heavily in localized, on farm research to find the best performing seed products for the Eastern United States. We spend 100% of our time in New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Vermont, dedicated to selecting the best products for your farm.

In 2013 we further expanded our R3 series corn testing program to include 17 replicated corn trials throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. That investment reflects the high value we place on local performance data to back all of our product advancement decisions.

Thank you for considering Chemgro Seeds as your seed choice in 2014. As always our success is critically tied to yours, and our desire is to see you thrive.

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